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San Diego Yoga

Chia milk in San Diego

Seeds of Wellness organized a fun plant-based milk activation on a San Diego beach.  

During the event there was a yoga class and outdoor meditation led by NamaSteve Yoga. This is an iconic place to practice yoga on the West Coast.

Location and Public

More than 200 people who are committed to plant-based eating and mind body balance took part.  

Seeds of Wellness ambassadors chatted with the attendees on the benefits of chia milk and its uses such as smoothies.  

It was a very warm reception! The place and the atmosphere of the activities where the Yoga and Smoothie-lovers met couldn’t have been more complementary.

Activation and Competition

At the end of the Oceanfront yoga session a reusable and recyclable branded bag was handed out. It had plant-based chia milks, leaflets and an invitation to take part in a giveaway with some incredible prizes.  

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San Diego Yoga
San Diego Yoga
San Diego Yoga