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Long Beach Yoga

Long Beach

There was a yoga masterclass and outdoor meditation at Yogalution Movement & Wellness, where SOW - Seeds of Wellness® had the privilege of making their chia milk known to participants.

The activity was at E. Ocean and Juniper, Long Beach, an important place for yoga practice.

The event

More than 250 people took part outdoors with a relaxing sea view.

When the yoga class finished SOW - Seeds of Wellness® ambassadors mingled with attendees and explained why chia is the new milk.

They gave out recyclable and reusable branded bags with chia milk, leaflets and an invitation to a take part in a competition and win incredible prizes.

Shared interests

Among the main interests that were present in the activity were the care for the environment and eating healthy food.

Seeds of Wellness is a Brand that is committed to people’s wellbeing and the planet’s health. It is important to mention that chia milk is the most sustainable plant-based milk on the market.

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Long Beach Yoga
Long Beach Yoga
Long Beach Yoga
Long Beach Yoga