7 tips for female health care and beauty

A happy and heathy woman

At SOW we want to give you tips for women's health care and beauty, so you can look amazing and healthy.



Taking care of aesthetic health

As a woman, you can achieve aesthetic health by performing some simple, everyday actions.  

Your skin and your body will be in shape, displaying a good and shiny appearance that will surprise everyone.  

SOW wants to give you 7 tips to achieve this, acting responsibly. 


#1 Hydrate

Hydration is essential for healthy feminine beauty, so you should drink plenty of water daily. 

When the body is hydrated, the skin has better elasticity and fine lines can be reduced in appearance.  

Additionally, drinking water eliminates waste and toxins from the body, taking care of women’s health. 


#2 Exercise 

To lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve an attractive appearance, one of the essential tips is to play sports.  

Regular exercise not only improves appearance, but also reduces the risk of illness and helps mental health.  

Sleep quality, energy level, and mood are other aspects that benefit from exercise. 


#3 Get enough sleep 

Often, sleep isn't a priority, however, it should be considered a necessity.  

When you get enough sleep, your mood improves, your skin is more radiant, and you get more energy and concentration.  

In addition, when sleeping the body repairs the damage that occurs during the day, the brain is cleansed of irrelevant information, and the hormonal cycle is regulated. 


#4 Have checkups 

Medical checkups are important to stay healthy and detect health problems early.  

Physical and mental health are critical to having a good figure and feeling good about yourself.  

Even if you are in good health, it is recommended that every woman has a medical checkup at least once a year. 


#5 Take precautions in the sun

You shouldn’t only use sunscreen on beach days, since you are exposed to ultraviolet rays all the time. 

Above all, in hot weather, it is important to take precautions from the sun’s UV rays, which damage the skin. 

They can cause sunburn, faster skin aging, and even an increased risk of skin cancer. 


#6 Maintain good hygiene 

In addition to daily bathing, it is often necessary to apply formulas to cleanse and protect facial skin. 

After long days of work, travel, and sleep, the skin accumulates oils, bacteria, and impurities that dull the skin and harm it. 

For this reason, it is advisable to use eco-friendly products to take care of your skin, as well as makeup remover and body cleansers.  


#7 Eat a healthy diet 

A healthy diet stimulates your immune system, strengthens your bones and muscles, brightens your skin, and improves your mood and your overall health. 

All this is possible if you maintain a healthy diet, rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals, without forgetting   omega-3s.

For that, it is important that you incorporate foods created from plants and seeds, such as Chia, that will help you achieve your health/beauty goals. 

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