13 Eco friendly Valentine's Day ideas

13 Eco friendly Valentine's Day ideas

We propose a list of vegan ideas so you can give on Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s day Gifts

This Valentine’s Day give a special gift that looks after the environment and that you’ll love at the same time.

At SOW – Seeds of Wellness we know how important it is that you find the perfect gift that’s why we’re presenting a variety of eco-friendly gifts.

Discover the perfect gift for that special person in our suggestions …

#1 Chocolate

Chocolate is a favorite gift for Valentine’s Day, since it’s delicious and everyone loves it.

This is the perfect option as part of the gifts that are good for the environment to share this special day.

We recommend that you buy vegan, green or organic chocolate, since they’re made with the environment in mind.

#2 Organic candles

Natural and organic candles that are chemical free are great to give as gifts.

Also, many of them are scented and have natural oils. When you light them they’ll give you a pleasant environment with a unique fragrance.

We recommend that you light a candle on Valentine’s day to celebrate such a special moment.

#3 Spa set

In many eco-friendly stores you can find special spa sets to enjoy in the bath.

Each spa set can contain different elements, such as bath salts, natural sponges, exfoliating soaps, and soaps with different citric or floral aromas.

Also, these eco-friendly kits care for the environment since they are made with sustainable packaging, making them perfect gifts.

#4 Indoor plant

Vegan people love plants, small trees or a variety of herbs for their kitchen, which are really useful to use in their delicious cuisine.

At the moment, indoor plants are in fashion and there are a variety of plants which do well indoors, such as succulents.

#5 Work of art

Some artists are interested in looking after and preserving the environment, and they make works of art that respect nature.

You can gift a special painting by an artist who has that visión of life, as a special Valentine’s day gift.

In any case, if you are brave enough to make your own artwork, remember that there are certain organic products you can use, such as cruelty-free paints that are available in eco-friendly shops.

#6 Box of organic tea

Who doesn’t like scented tea? A box with different flavors of tea or herbal tea can be perfect.

They generally include a box of tea with common varieties such as white tea, green tea and black tea.

You can also create your own box of tea with recycled materials and put whichever flavors your special person might like.

#7 Massage oils

Massage oils are perfect to relieve muscular tension, relax the body and revitalize the senses.

You can give a small box of essential oils, which are usually made with different fragrances and aromas that are pleasant for the senses.

 #8 Organic wine

Have you tried organic wine? This is a perfect present to give on this day.

A Valentine’s day dinner can be the ideal occasion to taste it. There are many wine producers that make sustainable wine with different varieties to choose from.

#9 Sustainable clothing

If you’re looking for more traditional gifts, you can choose a type of clothing that is produced by caring for the environment.

There are several companies that are dedicated to making sustainable clothes that are not cruel to animals.

You can also give sustainable fabrics made with vegan materials, such as bamboo textiles.

#10 Recycled card

A card made with sustainable materials such as recycled card is always a nice surprise.

You can choose from different available options, a card made with seed paper, or make a type of decoration, or make it from scratch with recyclable materials.

This will be one of the most original gifts that you can keep forever, so, use your imagination!

#11 Seeds

 A gift of seeds to plant in the garden or the vegetable patch will always be appreciated.

You can make a heart shaped package or buy a sustainable bag and place your favorite seeds in it. 

Choose vegetable seeds or different types of flowers and find out which seeds can be planted in that time of year to be able to sow them straight away. 

 #12 Jewelry

Find sustainable jewels in certain stores that produce them with the environment in mind and with respect.

There are items of jewelry for men and women, such as bracelets, rings or necklaces.

Choose those that are made with sustainable or recycled materials that take veganism into account in their production.

#13 Organic food 

Make a special organic food and prepare it at home with love and dedication.

It would also be ideal if you can use vegetables from your garden and decorate the table with sustainable materials, to create a unique space.

Find the perfect menu in this article with SOW vegan recipes for the 2023 Valentine’s dinner and surprise that special someone with these delicious and healthy meals.

Vegan gifts

This is just a selection of some vegan gifts you could give for Valentine’s day.

The options are endless since the vegan universe is expanding and there are many products you can choose from. Choose vegan products to prepare an unforgettable Valentine’s dinner with SOW Seeds of Wellness.