Influencers’ Dinner

Influencers’ Dinner at Matthew Kenney’s Restaurant

Influencers’ Dinner at Matthew Kenney’s Restaurant

As part of Expo West, Seeds of Wellness held a branding dinner at  Plant Food + Wine, Mattew Kenney’s restaurant.

It was attended by 18 influencers related to the plant-based and wellness world, and had the special participation of Wendy Bazilian. 

During the dinner, the brand and nutritional products provided by SOW products were presented. 


A Special Dinner 

The dinner was specially designed by Executive Chef Adonis Witt, who used SOW products in its preparation. 

The vegetable drink Chia Milk and Chia oil were part of the ingredients of the delicious and nutritious dishes. 

The menu consisted of SOW Chia Milk and Cauliflower Soup as a starter, SOW Chia Polenta Dish as the main course, Vanilla Chia Milk Ice Cream and Chocolate Chia Milk Ice Cream for dessert. 


The Restaurant   

Kenney’s Plant Food + Wine is a renowned restaurant, located in Venice Beach, California. 

Run by Matthew Kenney, an important figure in the plant-based gastronomic world, Plant Food + Wine is an icon for wellness lovers in the area. 

It should be noted that Plant Food + Wine in Venice Beach is part of a large chain of exclusive restaurants around the world. 


Welcome Influencers

One of the main objectives of the meeting was to welcome these important influencers in the area to the world of chia and its great benefits. 

That’s why they were given a SOW tote bag full of products, promotional material, and gifts, so they could discover the power of this amazing seed. 

The dinner was a success!  This was reflected in the more than 124,000 reproductions of the activity, which influencers shared on their social networks.  

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