SOW is made with high dose omega-3 Chia.


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Due to its tolerance of high temperatures, it can be used in both sweet and savory recipes.

The chia seeds are received, selected and processed in a plant in the city of Arica. They come from the neighboring countries of Bolivia and Argentina. This is a role that as Sandra Gillot, founder of the company Benexia, assures us, figures as being responsible for the catalog of supplies and finished products that are commercialized under the brand name of SOW (Seeds of Wellness), in the local market.

“Although we started off as a company that sold supplies and ingredients made from chia seeds to the food industry, two years ago we decided to create a new range of products for direct consumption for the final client. We currently have some varieties of plant-based milks, flour and pastas but one of SOW’s strongest innovations is our variety of chia oil for gastronomy,” says Gillot.


This cold-pressed oil is easy to use and tolerates high temperatures, so it is recommended for use in the preparation of both sweet and savory recipes. However, as chia seeds offer an important dose of plant-based omega-3 they’re not only in the category of functional products, they also provide positive effects for cardiovascular health for all people.

“The intake of this oil is equivalent to 63% of omega 3, an essential fatty acid that has a whole host of benefits on a tissue level but also helps to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. It also has anti-inflammatory and high levels of anti-oxidants”.


What flavor does chia have?

After several conversations with experts, the best way of describing this type of oil is with touches of walnut and toasted nuts. The best advice to consume this type of oil in your cooking is to mix it with a standard oil or olive oil.

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