Sustainable actions you can do at home

Sustainability Seeds of Wellness

Discover the best sustainable practices to take care of the environment and help against climate change. Seeds of Wellness- SOW, good for you and good for the planet.


Protect the planet

Everything we do affects the environment that we live in, the climate as well as species.

You’ve taken the first step, choosing plant-based products, now is the time to take another step to protect the planet and its natural resources.

If you choose a more natural way of living that respects the environment, following these sustainable practices will help you achieve it.


Reduce your use of plastic 

Every year thousands of species die because of plastic, because they swallow it or get caught up in it. This material is not biodegradable so it never disappears.

To reduce your use of plastics, always use reusable bags and avoid buying things that contain plastic.

Choose products that have recyclable, biodegradable and reusable containers. 


Choose sustainable products

To reduce your footprint choose sustainable products that consider the environment and economic sustainability when they’re being produced.

Organic food is free of agrochemicals that damage the earth, water, animals and farming communities.

To know if you’re buy sustainable products, find their stamps and certificates. For example, the Fair Trade certificate contributes to developing fair conditions and workers rights.


Care for Water

Water is an important resource for the planet. Future generations won’t have access to water if we don’t care today.

Nowadays there is a water crisis that is due to a growing world population, increasing production demand and droughts.

You can care for water by taking shorter baths, fixing leaks and replacing green areas with hardier varieties and avoiding buying bottled water.

Producing bottled water is extremely damaging for the carbon footprint and above all produces a lot of plastic.


Start a vegetable garden

One way of looking after the environment and the planet is buy growing your own fruit and vegetables.

These are tastier, increasing your quality of life and are chemical-free.

At Seeds of Wellness we give you tips to plant your own vegetable garden, from this Basic Guide to getting started in vegetable gardening, why don’t you start right now?


Optimize Energy

As a way to contribute to the environment you can optimize the energy you use to control the temperature or light your home.

There are several actions that you can do: you can insulate, fit thermal pane windows, or  heating that has a lower CO2 emission and efficient air con, among other things.

Also, use natural light, choose lamps that allow you to save energy to light your home and try to choose renewable energy such as solar panels as much as possible.


Walk or ride a bicycle

You can reduce your carbon footprint by choosing modes of transport that don’t pollute the environment such as a bicycle.

Also, you can choose to walk or ride a bike before using the car.

If you need to use the car to get around, try to have it ready with regular checkups.

This increases fuel efficiency, try not to buy more than you need and reduce gases that affect climate change.


Eat vegan and help others to do so too

The meat production industry is one of the most harmful for the environment.

It uses large amounts of water, causes pollution, greenhouse gases and destroys habitats.

Did you know that a cow can generate up to 4 times more greenhouse gases than a car? That is why reducing your meat intake will also reduce the carbon footprint on the earth.

Use plant-based products. At Seeds of Wellness – SOW all our products are chia-based and they look after your health and also the planet’s.

Our chia seed production is based on regenerative agriculture, which plays an active role in reversing climate change. Find more information about Seeds of Wellness and our  Sustainability.

This month we celebrate Earth Day and we’re inviting you to start looking after our planet withthese sustainable ideas.