International Mother Earth Day: working to generate a positive impact on the planet

Woman hugging the planet earth


Every April 22, International Mother Earth Day is celebrated worldwide, in order to promote awareness about the importance of the planet and its ecosystems, as well as the urgent need for its protection, improved standards of living, counteracting climate change and safeguarding biodiversity.

This year, the focus of the commemoration is “Invest in our Planet”, a call for governments, businesses and individuals to come together to help protect and create a better future for the world we live in.

How is SOW responding to this call?

Since the start we have been convinced that caring for people's health is directly related to caring for our planet. Incorporating more plant-based foods into our diet is not only healthy, but also contributes directly to protecting our environment. Our commitment is to offer food options that, in addition to being delicious, nutritious and easy to integrate into your daily diet, are also sustainable, contributing to naturally reducing our carbon emissions and our impact on the planet.

And how do we make this possible?

That’s where our love for chia takes on a bigger meaning. Based on a philosophy of integrated sustainability, we use regenerative agriculture, which allows us to maintain, recover, and improve the ecosystem around the crop, by building healthy and fertile soils, increasing biodiversity, creating more efficient water systems, and fostering stronger farming communities.

We know that sustainable practices are vital to the future of our planet and the worldwide food supply, therefore:

  • Our crops use exclusively rainwater as a source of irrigation, preserving natural water reserves.
  • Our crop rotation practice promotes local economic activity that is environmentally sustainable and reliable, as well as crop resilience.
  • We preserve soil nutrients, and reduce CO2 emissions and water and soil erosion, with our no-till practices.
  • We help maintain and facilitate the well-being and reproduction of local flora and fauna, with our 50-meter-wide natural barriers.
  • We use zero water or chemicals in our entire production process.
  • Our plant, located in Arica-Chile, has an energy-efficient air conditioning system with a low environmental impact.
  • We are energy efficient thanks to our logistics and operational organization throughout South America, which minimizes transportation between the fields, plant, port and final destinations.
  • We use recyclable packaging for our finished products.

Alliance with “We All Recycle”

And to further support this year’s commemoration of Earth Day, we have established a new environmental commitment with "We All Recycle". By virtue of which, we offset 100% of the containers and packaging that we put on the market and promote recycling together with other companies,

Because our greatest mission is to bring natural, healthy and sustainable chia products to consumers around the world, with a total commitment to our social and environmental responsibilities, we invite you to be part of the SOW community and join us in caring for our planet and our health!