Do You know what Non GMO means?

non GMO

Surely you have heard or read about this acronym. The definition of this abbreviation corresponds to the phrase “Not genetically modified organism”.

GMO foods are known to be genetically altered or modified. But what is the alteration that occurs in food? Well, bioengineering is applied to make them look more appetizing, larger in size, with better smell and color than the rest. Also, these foods become immune from being victims of pests, which leads to an increase in production and reduce crop losses.

It sounds great, right? But, all these GMO foods, are not as fabulous as they say, despite the fact that industry and companies defend them by saying that they are not harmful to health, studies have been responsible for saying otherwise; As is the case of the studies carried out by “The Cellular Research Laboratory” or NCBI (Cell Research Laboratory), which exposes the DNA modification of processed foods can be transferred to the digestive system and incorporated into the environment of the blood streams to cells of vital organs.

What “The Cell Research Laboratory” points out is the damage that the intake of food with the modified DNA means for our organism, which can impact on the reproductive organs, affecting fertility in both women and men, it can also affect the liver raising the levels of LDL cholesterol (lipoprotein responsible for transporting cholesterol from the liver to different tissues and organs of the body, also called bad cholesterol). GMO foods affect the overall health of the cells, the immune response, and the cells that fight cancer.

So, what is the non-GMO? The non-GMO works as a certification on foods that were not processed or genetically engineered. That a food product contains the seal “non-GMO” means that it is a completely organic product, with all the qualities and benefits of a natural product.

At SOW, we care about the health of our customers and the environment, which is why we have the official non-GMO certification. Our chia seeds are pure and the best quality.